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Monday, May 02, 2005


Run From The Sun 3 Peaks Challenge: How was It For You?

A big thanks to everyone for the enormous efforts on this weekend's incredibly succesful 3 peaks challenge. There should be a full report and photos in the next week or so. In the meantime could you please take five minutes to post your feelings on the whole experience. Thanks for coming, we were great!

Well, after weeks of running around Clapham Common, I thought that I must be fit enough... And then last Friday evening I was introduced to Rory's 14 friends who all seem like lads (and one supergirl) who could take in a 10K before breakfast and run up a mountain in time for tea. It was in that classy pub in Acton that I realised that the ability to do level 2 in a step class does not an iron man make.

So we set off at 8pm on Friday in a van packed full of cheese and ham and drove overnight to Ben Nevis. (Top tip for anyone planning this exercise: while a sixteen seater van does technically fit sixteen, if 80% of them are over 6' it would be wiser to invest in a larger bus.)
We arrived at 6am and on no sleep and a peanut butter bun we were off. And it was brutal. We climbed for a solid four hours before we got to the snow-covered top. I overcame vertigo and managed (just) to keep pace with the lads, which was probably why, on the way down, I fell...

I'd like to think it was graceful, more like a pirouette than a fall really (back me up Andy). I twisted my ankle and it hurt like hell, to the extent that Rory was valiantly going to carry me the rest of the way down - which was of course madness and so I just hobbled down leaning on various strong arms (and feeling even more girly and ridiculous than I had before).

We got back on the road at one and even though we raced to Cumbria, we didn't get there until about 7:30 and so to make the time we had to raise the pace. I wanted to start this mountain, but my ankle hurt too much, and as Rory wisely put it - I might need that ankle sometime, so I stayed in the van.

I then sat in the van with the Will and Nick for the rest of the trip. Driving overnight to Snowdon and watching them kick off at 5am for the final ascent. They made the three in an admiral 27 hours (mainly because of traffic problems, rather than pace - I shan't mention a certain shortcut...).

These are the most hard core blokes I have ever met and they looked knackered at the end of this! (Although not so bad that they couldn't manage an all-dayer in the pub on Sunday when we got back to London.) My advice to anyone who gets propositioned by Rory to do something as mad as this, is to think very very carefully before you accept!

So personally... I managed Ben Nevis (the UK's highest peak) and travelled over 1000 miles in two days. Not bad for a moderatley fit Londoner who rarely gets north of Finsbury Park. So thank you Rory and your band of merry world challengers for taking me along for the ride...

All the best on your world trip!

Ro xx
Cheers Rowan,
Thanks for getting the ball rolling.......
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