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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Watch out Becks, Moto-Hikers coming through!!!

We've had another interesting few days in Hong Kong. Still here, althoughwe will be leaving in a couple of days, honest!
Yamaha in Hong Kong arranged a press event for us at their premises on Hong Kong Island. Journalists from 3 of Hong Kong's online bike mags turned up to take photos and quiz us about our 'cwazy journey'. We had a great time! Forget the Beckhams, Rory and Chris really know how to turn on the heat for the paparazzi.....
Check out the first article at (try and fo direct links)
We've already had emails through from readers pledging their support, hopefully some cash money for SOS should follow soon!

The mechanics at Yamaha kindly did a few little jobs we needed doing to the bikes. Luckily for us their head mechanic, with 30yrs experience, was a fantastic welder, fabricator and machinist, so the jobs were carried out quickly and to a remarkably high standard. We can't thank them enough for this assistance.

Just as we were leaving an Englishman called Andrew arrived on an old Yamaha Tenere. This the original long-distance adventure touring bike of choice and the spiritual father of our bikes(they still use the same engine many years later in the TT600R), a very rare machine in this part of the world. After a quick chat with Lewis the manager i found out how rare, its the only one in Hong Kong! Not only this, but its first owner was none other than Jackie Chan, cool huh?

Late last night we were disturbed by the sound of loads of bikes coming up the road up Mount Davis. We felt it our duty to investigate......
We met our first Hong Kong biker gang! Luckily this bunch seemed less into the drug-dealing and murdering of the Hell's Angels and more into hanging out with their mates and having fun, our kind of people. They all road Japanese sports bikes from 250's up to 600's and had a deep love of Valentino Rossi, one of them not only having a Vale-replica bike, but also a replica hair-do!
We chatted for a while and had a good laugh.

Hopefully we'll be in Vietnam by this time next week and be doing some serious mileage towards our first SOS visit!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Run From The Sun is in its third week now and we find ourselves high atop Hong Kong's Mount Davis.
After a massive delay in the shipment of our motorcycles it was decided we should start from Hong Kong to stay closer to our "schedule".
Then the bikes got sent to Dubai!!!!!!!!
So after several fraught and worried days with our only transport(and most of our kit) "lost at sea", they finally arrived in HK last Wednesday.
We are now awaiting official clearance to enter China.

In the mean time we've been sorting out our kit and the bikes. We realised we'd totally overdone the amount of stuff we brought, so a big box of stuff is bobbing its way across the seas back home as we speak.

If anyone out there knows any "top men" in the Chinese government, army, police or customs, please send answers on an (e)postcard........

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