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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Run From The Sun is in its third week now and we find ourselves high atop Hong Kong's Mount Davis.
After a massive delay in the shipment of our motorcycles it was decided we should start from Hong Kong to stay closer to our "schedule".
Then the bikes got sent to Dubai!!!!!!!!
So after several fraught and worried days with our only transport(and most of our kit) "lost at sea", they finally arrived in HK last Wednesday.
We are now awaiting official clearance to enter China.

In the mean time we've been sorting out our kit and the bikes. We realised we'd totally overdone the amount of stuff we brought, so a big box of stuff is bobbing its way across the seas back home as we speak.

If anyone out there knows any "top men" in the Chinese government, army, police or customs, please send answers on an (e)postcard........

Hello! I heard your "Run From The Sun" activity from a moterbike web site in Hong Kong. Good Luck! And we will be looking at your fantastic trip.
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